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Published in ELITE Traveler | March/April 2011 | By Larry Olmsted

La Dolce Vita was invented and perfected in Italy – and it remains the nation’s leading attraction to this day. Great food, great wine, great service, beautiful places and millenia of history, all enjoyed at an ultra-leisurely pace. A visit to Italy offers an incredibly diverse experience in a small area, with different dialects, cuisines and landscapes, from sun-kissed Mediterranean islands and beaches to snow-covered, world class ski resorts.


No mere hotel, Borgo San Felice is an entire centuries-old historic  hamlet that has been turned into a small luxury resort. The Borgo has a high-end spa, cooking classes in its main kitchen, and just 43 rooms, located in five medieval houses, all totally unique (from about $400 to $1,000 nightly). Your private bicycle guide from Butterfield & Robinson easily the world’s premier luxury bike tour operator, will meet you at the Borgo with well-equipped, high-end bikes. The custom day tour ($1,000 per person) can be fashioned to your interests, be they food, art or history, but will always include a VIP tasting at an otherwise private top winery in the heart of Chianti. Refuel with the five-course tasting menu and wine pairing dinner at family-owned Cane e Gatto in Siena.

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