Enter the 2015 B&R Traveller Photo Contest

For years we’ve been helping people see the world through our eyes. Now, we’re asking you to show us how you see the world with B&R. With the B&R Traveller Photo Contest you have an opportunity to frame your experience, show off your talent, garner a taste of fame and, if you’ve captured something special, win some great prizes.

To help nudge you along, we’ve decided it’s best to break down the competition into a number of categories that capture the true spirit of B&R adventure. These include:


The South African children who are as engaged with you as you are with them; your trusted Moroccan guide who has led you deep into the desert; the stern old Spaniard with whom you suddenly share a smile; that reaction of sheer wonder captured on your partner’s face as they experience yet another incredible moment with French cuisine… those expressions can capture the essence of a B&R trip.


Angling up towards a Bhutanese monastery; looking across an expanse of Burgundian vines; swan diving off your private yacht with the Greek Isles in the backdrop; the soaring peaks of Patagonia to the incomparable lush green of Vietnamese rice paddies… those images of our world never cease to inspire.


An errant toss of the pizza dough during your child’s Italian cooking class, a shared secret of strategy from an expert over an early evening game of boules, a boisterous gathering of exceptional food and wine in a private cellar somewhere deep in Tuscany, the triumphant ascent to Machu Picchu complete… they are those perfectly timeless moments.

B&R travellers can submit up to five images per person, per B&R trip (yes, you can compete with your friends and spouse). The short list, selected by a panel of professional photographers and B&R staff, will be voted on by the B&R Facebook community, with three individual category winners awarded.


To the winners go the spoils. What spoils, you ask? Well, besides eternal fame and bragging rights, how about a US$1,500 trip credit for each category winner? Yes, and all you need to do is submit your photographs.

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